Innovation, Effectiveness, Talent was launched by Textensor Limited in 2014, providing secure PDF document collaboration and review on the web.

It follows on from, the original PDF collaboration service which we launched in 2008. includes Workspaces for detailed and secure annotation of a collection of PDF documents related to a project with colleagues and clients.

Textensor Limited was founded in 2005 to improve methods of collaboration on documents online. Annotate is used by large organisations including IBM, Samsung and FedEx as well as design agencies and numerous small businesses. Educational users include MIT, Cornell and other universities. We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Key People
Robert Cannon
One of the company founders, Robert focuses on the user experience and manages the Edinburgh team. He has a PhD in astrophysics and research experience in neuroscience from various universities in France and the UK. Before starting he worked at Edinburgh university on problems involving large volumes of biological information which motivated the development of early prototypes for annotating the scientific literature.
Fred Howell
The other co-founder, Fred handles everything that goes on on the server side and in the cloud. He has a PhD in parallel computing from Edinburgh University and ten years research experience in computational neuroscience. Before starting he worked at Edinburgh University on the development of biological modelling software and problems involving scientific data management.
Michal Duczmal
Michal is looking after current client relationships and seeking new business opportunities.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel works on API integrations, especially with learning managment systems, and new feature development.
Karan Dewan
Karan knows the system inside out and handles advanced customisations. He has a masters degree in computer science from Edinburgh University
Thomas Ziniatis
Thomas focuses on the API and knows an unhealthy amount about the PDF specification.
Fokion Sotiropulos
Fokion is particularly keen on automated testing, and works on new features.
Partha Pani
Partha is in charge of the cloud management system.
And some of our customers
And within education