Sample applications of

This section outlines some of the ways that companies and individuals make use of the system to improve their document workflows - if you have an interesting use of, let us know!

Technical review of product marketing PDF materials

  • Group reviewers with different permissions

  • Improve accuracy on technical product manuals

  • Share with marketing, technical and production groups

  • Approve, decline changes using tagging

Reviewing Translations

  • Parallel review of two documents at the same time

  • Compare to original to keep translation accuracy at maximum

  • Share with clients before production to ensure correctness

  • Avoid email attachments using the shareable link

Insurance companies

  • Share one copy with all experts to gain valuable feedback

  • Save time and money with the increase of efficiency

  • Avoid duplication of opinions and save time on merging comments

  • Reach decisions faster

Web designers and UI designers

  • Share design suggestions directly with the team and the client

  • Attach notes to exact image or text which needs attention

  • Tag changes for final decisions

  • Control the process by blocking new comments and tagging documents


  • Personal knowledge management available any time, anywhere

  • Add hyperlinks between highlighted phrases of PDFs

  • Annotate parts of documents for later review

Annotating board meeting documents

  • Collect important issues prior to a meeting

  • Join discussion from anywhere

  • Manage discussion and control access

  • Export notes to devise a plan

School teachers and lecturers

  • Create individual or group discussion space

  • Use highlights to discuss text, or image annotations

  • Mark the document as finished using tags

  • Control access with role-based permissions

Printing companies and online proofing

  • Manage the printing process using specific roles

  • Invite related groups to gather feedback for final version

  • Avoid sending unfinished version to print by controlling proofing process

  • Avoid email attachments with direct workspace invite

University researchers

  • Multi-author documents review made easier

  • Lead author can control the process using roles and custom properties

  • New versions of docs can be uploaded and marked