Canvas meets Annotate

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And more with an LTI connection.

It is possible to connect an Annotate server to your Canvas learning management system - tutors can add links to Annotate documents to a course, and students can click through the link to view the PDF document online and annotate. The connection uses the standard LTI (learning tools interoperablity) mechanism to ensure that students are authenticated automatically with the annotate system, and don't need to create separate accounts.

Sample applications of the system are to supply PDF papers or readings to students, and get them to add their comments or participate in an online discussion of the paper with their tutorial group. The standard Annotate role-based permissions let the tutors moderate or assess the contributions of the students, or reply to specific comments they make.

Contact us to request your own Annotate server suitable for connecting a Canvas installation to with LTI - then see the See the installation guide for details on connecting Canvas to Annotate.