Say Goodbye to Limits

Whether you only want to work with a few people on a couple of documents, thousands of people on one document, thousands of people on thousands of documents or just have millions of documents to store and share, Annotate scales to meet your needs simply, easily and with no fuss.

In-Document Collaboration

Whether you are collaborating on a single image or a thousand-page document, have an in- context discussion inside the document where it is relevant and link to webpages, documents or other information sources.

Interact, comment and discuss specific words, sentences or paragraphs, sections of a document or draw freehand directly onto the document or image.

Search the full text of a document, search through comments, filter by comment type, download comments, hide comments and provide moderation on all comments.

Link Knowledge to Documents

To work effectively with others, you need to share relevant information in the right place at the right time.

Simply add related information or link other documents and display them in the relevant place in your current document. Then let others view, comment or even vote.

This is in-document collaboration.

No More Restrictions

Comment on what’s important, where it’s important and in the way that makes sense to you.

Enable different groups to work on different things either within the same document or set of documents. Even define user permissions and simple workflows.

This is in-document collaboration.

Your Teams Working as One

Teams - Define teams and allocate roles, responsibilities, capabilities and security privileges to each team.
Comment Categories - Create as many types of comment category as you wish. Sort and view by specific comment categories.
Linking - Link one document into another. Understand the context by previewing the relevant passage of text from the linked document without needing it to be open.

Enterprise Functionality without the Complexity

Redaction - Professionally redact content from documents before sharing or publication.
Document Comparisons - Compare the changes between documents no matter their original format.
Parallel Review Documents - Open and compare documents alongside one another to look at differences between versions, transcriptions or language translations.

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