Human resources

Central HR repository

Store all confidential employee information in one place and keep it secure by controlling who has access with granular access controls. Stay compliant with regulations by storing all employee information in one place and you decide how long it is retained, when it is archived or deleted. Super charge the on-boarding process and enable employee access to relevant HR documents directly from their own workspace.

Knowledge management

With documents spread out in numerous document silos, accessing the right information at the right time is becoming harder and more time consuming for employees. Create a central store for all your latest and important documents, time sensitive information, news, handbooks, policies and compliance information.

Streamline recruitment

With in-document collaboration, enable the recruitment team to hold in-context discussions around a candidate, allow recruiters to add questions at the relevant section of the candidate's Resume, share feedback in a central location and compare two candidates side by side on-screen. Run potential offers through the team for authorisation and share official documents directly with candidates without sending emails.

No compromises

With Annotate, you decide where you hold your important documents. You may choose our secure cloud service, a private cloud service or to install it locally on your own servers.

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