Annotate Integrations

Join top enterprises and universities that already connect to Annotate via one of our plugins.

Advanced PDF collaboration for your CMS

The Annotate API has been used in numerous successful integrations to add document annotation capabilities to existing content and learning management systems. Dedicated installations of an server include source code for popular content and course management systems shown above, which can be customised to your specific requirements.

Only a few minor additions are required to CMS pages listing documents to add an Annotate-option. Clicking the link copies the document into Annotate (if it is not already there) and opens the annotable version for shared annotation. Documents, metadata and annotations on the Annotate server are easily accessible through the Annotate API.

For tighter integrations, you can enable single-signon (SSO) from your existing system to Annotate or embed the Annotate display within an iframe of your own application.

Requesting a different integration

If you are using a different off-the-shelf CMS for which you would like to add Annotate's functionality, please get in touch. Developers can also code their own integrations using the Annotate API.