Central trusted legal workspaces

Create a central store for all your important legal documents, share with colleagues and external parties without fear of compromising your security. With in-document collaboration, comment, assign tasks and discuss legal points inside the documents, link related information in-context and in the right place in the contract and securely share with the relevant people.

More effective legal review

Forget sending contracts and amendments through insecure email. Negotiate contracts using rich annotations, review changes, hold a discussion, reply to notes and assign tasks right inside the document. Keep track of the negotiation with a full audit history of all activity throughout the whole negotiation. Keep control of users by choosing what they can view and who can comment on documents and workspaces.

Keep information secure

With Annotate there is no need to be held prisoner as to where you store your secure documents. You decide whether you want to hold them within our secure cloud service, your own private cloud service or would prefer to install Annotate locally on your own servers and store your documents behind your firewall and in your environment with granular access controls.

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