Take Your Documents with You Anywhere

Work Anywhere - View, comment and collaborate on documents at any time anywhere in the world. Locate documents by searching over workspaces and in-document search.
Enterprise Security - Take existing enterprise security with you with single sign-on, LDAP integration and OAuth 2.0 authorization. On-device database data encryption makes the device secure even if it is stolen.
Remote Wipe - Any files that are stored on the device can be cleared if the device is lost or stolen.

Annotate on Mobile

Always up to date - Stay up to date no matter where you are. Upload files, browse documents, review and hold a conversation as if you were in the office.
Reduce Scanning - No need to scan documents and upload them to your laptop. Simply take a photograph on your device, open it in Annotate and share.
No Connectivity? No problem - Select the documents you want available when your device is offline, work on a document and any changes are synced back to your central Annotate server the next time you’re online.

Opus 2

Opus 2’s Magum enables access to trial bundles and transcripts securely anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device without the need to print, regularly update and courier expensive hardcopy sets.

Lawyers can access all the relevant and up to date documents and related information on their workspace from inside the courtroom. They can even work, collaborate and communicate with their team, wherever team members are located, in real-time. This provides lawyers, using Magnum, access to case specific and time-relevant information, increasing their chances of success during the trial.

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