Pdf annotation

Pdf annotation with workspaces

With Annotate, simply upload a pdf, share and let all reviewers comment on the same copy at the same time. No need to merge comments from different desktop versions of the same document. Store pdf's centrally in your own workspaces, in the cloud or on your own servers in your own data center. With in-document collaboration, add detailed notes and comments on either normal or OCR'd pdf's.

Simple, scalable, secure

Designed for use by users with no training, it's simple to start highlighting text, writing comments or replying to existing comments.

Remove scalability issues and load times of large and complex pdf documents that are heavily reliant on images. With Annotate's intelligent on-demand viewing, all pages are displayed quickly, no matter how large or small.

With granular security, you control who can see what and what privileges users have within workspaces.

Advanced annotation

Color code notes
Color-code and tag notes to group them into different topics. Assign tasks to different groups based on note tags.

Group notes
Annotations can be attached to text, images or figures as arrows, text boxes or freehand notes. They can also be distinguished as highlights, strikethroughs, edits, inserts or underlines.

Note navigation
Quick navigation to individual notes through the use of unique note url addresses.

Content management

Content Management
File and share documents and replace a document with a new version and transfer annotations from the old version to the new one automatically.

Create tags that represent different stages of your workflow. Progress through the workflow simply by changing the status of tags.

Choose to receive or mute email notifications whenever someone comments on your document or replies to a note.

Professional annotation capabilities

Professionally redact content from documents before sharing or publication.

Document Comparisons
Compare the changes between documents no matter their original format.

Parallel Review Documents
Open and compare documents alongside one another to see differences between versions, transcriptions or language translations.

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