Your Own Private Server

Shared PDF Annotation · Private Cloud
Custom Domain and Logo · API Integration

Our public cloud service on offers instant account setup and online PDF collaboration - but some customers prefer a private server installation just for their company or institution.

We are now able to offer dedicated installations of the service for your company, including:

  • All the features of the cloud service
  • Custom domain name (e.g.
  • Custom logo and branding (e.g. add your company logo to the banner, so your clients know it's you).
  • Your own private server, with dedicated CPU, Disk and Memory.
  • Full API access, for integration with in-house CMS systems and single-signon
  • We usually provide it as a managed service to cut your support costs. For larger enterprises we can also offer in-house installation.

Successful dedicated private cloud installations are running in many Fortune 100 companies and top universities worldwide. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.