Agile Sales Teams

Agile sales teams drive sales revenue by working closely together and having access to the right information at the right time. With Annotate, your sales team can set up customer workspaces and access all the latest customer documents no matter where they are located. In-document collaboration allows you to not only find all the relevant information but link it straight into related documents at the exact place to save time, boost productivity and improve closure rates.

Account Planning

Account and Sales plans – Work on and share account plans with the entire team. Review, feedback, link related documents, annotate the document and hold a conversation at the appropriate place inside the document.
Customer Interactions - Share notes with the entire team right after the customer interaction – no need to go back to the office. Coordinate and allocate tasks from the appropriate part of the document itself without sending emails.
Cross Team Collaboration - Share and work on documents with the entire team and with no limits on how many people can collaborate on the same document at the same time.

Account Management

Customer Collaboration – Set up specific workspaces for collaborating and working on documents directly with clients. Always work on the latest versions, improve customer service, be proactive and increase your revenue potential.
Customer Contracts - Instead of sending MS Word contracts using insecure emails, annotate the contract itself, comment, resolve issues and negotiate terms and conditions within a secure shared workspace and in real-time.
Sales Management - Find out progress on sales proposals, where the team are spending most of their time, how close the customer relationship is and where you can best spend your time adding value.

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