Click the thumbnails below for screenshots of the PDF collaboration features -
then see the Quick Start Guide for a step-by-step tutorial.

Annotating PDF Documents

Annotations can be attached to exact selections in the text.
Display options
Annotations can be shown next to the text, in the margin or as footnotes.
Editing marks
Highlight, Underline, Insert, Strikethrough, Edit and Link
Regions and arrows
Shapes and arrows can be used on any part of the page.
Freehand annotation
Draw with freehand or straight lines. Each mark on the page can have an associated note or tag.

Managing Documents

Drag in your documents and folders or select the files to upload.
Quickly preview any document in the workspace. Click on the preview to annotate.
Folders... that's about all there is to say about folders.
Or you can browse your workspace by thumbnails.
Tags can be used to filter the display of documents and notes.

Notes and Replies

Annotated pages
From the pages view you can see which pages are annotated and jump straight to them
Notes centered view
For each note, the corresponding part of the page is highlighted
Replying to notes
Users can reply to each others annotations. Any changes to the tags are displayed.
Point to point links
You can link to an exact place in any other document in the workspace.
Previewing Links
You can quickly preview the exact text linked to without leaving the page.

Working with Documents

There is a clipboard for cutting and pasting from the document
Navigating by the pdf bookmarks
Rotating pages
Mainly useful if the document contains rotated text or was scanned the wrong way round.
Rotating pages
Mainly useful if the document contains rotated text or was scanned the wrong way round.

Workspaces, Notes and Search

Your Workspaces
Shows the latest changes on each of your workspaces.
All Notes
A global index shows all notes on the workspace, here grouped by tags.
Latest notes
For each note, the preview shows the exact place in the page.
Full text search
The text of each document is indexed as you add it.
Proximity search
Supports the powerful query language provided by the Lucene.

Comparing Documents and Parallel Review

Comparing documents
Select two documents to see the differences
Deletions are marked in red, additions in blue.
Setting a reference
The reference document will be shown on the left and cannot be annotated.
Parallel views
The views can be independent or can be locked to pan and zoom together.
Text modifications
The annotation tools are geared to correcting the text.

Managing Users, Roles, Groups and Document Types

Each workspace can be shared with a different set of users.
The workspace administrator can create roles and set capabilities.
Invited users receive an email with a time-limited single-use link to join the workspace.
Notes can be addressed to groups as well as to particular individuals.
Document types
Docutment types can be configured to set properties for different classes of document.