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Annotate Technology is the successor to which has been offering web-based document annotation since 2008. The technology has been embedded in a wide range of independent services and bespoke applications.

In the Cloud now makes these advanced but easy-to-use annotation and collaboration capabilities available to businesses and individuals with a simple cloud subscription model.

Free to Use

The Free Service is completely free. No credit card is required. You can create workspaces, add documents and share them with two other users for annotation and review.

Premium Subscriptions

If you need more space for documents, more users to share with, or access to the premium features then you can upgrade to one of the subscription plans at any time.

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Annotate online

Upload a document and share it with colleagues. They can add notes and tags to the text and images and reply to each other's notes. You control what each user can do in the workspace.


Work from anywhere

All you need is a web browser. Annotate does not use any plugins or a local PDF viewer. Pages are displayed to the user without downloading the whole document so it is quick to view even with very large PDFs.


Maximize productivity

With a single online location, you can be sure your colleagues are seeing exactly the same version as you are. If you add a revised version, you can carry over the annotations from the previous one.


Avoid attachments

Cut down on emailing different versions of a document and overloading inboxes. All you need to do is upload to and send out a link. All the comments are made on the same on-line version.


How it works


Create a workspace

Each workspace hosts an independent set of documents. Within a workspace you can manage the users who have access and set up roles and capabilities for different types of user.


Add documents

You can upload PDF documents, MS Word files, images and plain text such as email messages. They are all converted to PDF on the server, added to the full text index, and immediately available for viewing and annotation in the browser.


Invite users

When a user is added to the workspace, they receive an email invitation with a link which lets them create a password to access the workspace. You can invite users to work on a single document or share the whole workspace.



You can mark selections of text with highlights, underlines, strikethroughs and insertions. Images and other parts of the page can be marked with boxes, circles and arrows. You can also draw freehand marks and attach notes to them.


Collaborate on PDF documents



Organize content into folders and view as lists or thumbnails. Add tags to documents and filter the view by text or tags. View all annotations across a workspace by document, tags, author or date.



Add users to the workspace in user-configurable roles. You can select whether users should be able to add new documents, change document properties, create annotations, manage other users, giving fine-grained control of sharing.



Compare two versions of a PDF document to display deletions, insertions and text changes between them. For successive revisions of a document you can see the entire history of changes and annotations.


Parallel Review

Just set the original reference document, and a document will automatically open in the parallel review mode with the reference alongside. Annotations can be carried forward to the next version to check they have been addressed.


Advanced annotation features


Import and Export

Export a printable version of annotated documents, with the comments in the margin. Import and export native PDF comments.


Point to Point Linking

Link to an exact word, phrase or region of another document in the workspace. Previewing or following the link takes you to the exact point in the target document.


Reply, Resolve and Vote

Hold a discussion with replies to annotations. Mark notes resolved or reopened for issue tracking. Enable voting on annotations to gauge opinion among readers.

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