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Drop, share and collaborate in documents

Simply drag and drop your documents into Annotate workspaces, securely share with anyone inside or outside your organisation and work together with our unique in-document collaboration.

In-document collaboration provides you the ability to work with your team, where it matters most, inside your most valuable documents. Spend your time understanding and tagging important concepts, linking in related information, reviewing documents, commenting, discussing points in-context and changing the status of documents through workflow.

Performance at Scale with Security

No matter how many documents you store or how large your team grows, Annotate will scale seamlessly and securely with you. There are no physical limits on either the number of documents or the number of users that can access them. There is also no limit on how many users can work effectively on the same document at the same time.

With intelligent on-demand page viewing, we make working with large documents simple and reduce the time it takes to start viewing files, reduce your mobile data usage and improve your overall in-document collaboration experience.

Secure Cloud, Private Cloud AND On-Premise

Don’t be held back by limitations on where you deploy your solutions. Get working in the way that makes sense to you.

With Annotate, you can use our free and secure cloud service, instantly spin up a private cloud or install on your own servers. The choice is yours.

Geo-Specific Data Residence

Whether you have stringent data residency, sovereignty, security, performance requirements or would just prefer your documents stored closer to home, with Annotate’s private cloud you decide where they are located.

With datacenters in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and with options to store your documents in a country of your choice, Annotate’s flexible model is designed to meet any of your data residency needs.

Integrate and Build Custom Solutions

The Annotate Integration Platform improves collaboration by seamlessly integrating with your existing enterprise tools, network drives, enterprise content management systems and mobile apps. With both LDAP and SSO support, you can enhance convenience and security by allowing your users access using their existing login credentials. Our commitment to developers even extends to direct access to our development team.

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