Keep it central

Create a central store for all your important finance documents, time sensitive information, policies and compliance information and share with investors, analysts and others without fear of compromising security. For functions such as audit, collect all documents, build audit plans, share relevant documents with external auditors and manage the entire audit process in a single and secure workspace.

Keep control of deals

Reduce the time to close deals by working more closely with internal departments and third parties, respond quicker and work on the up to date version of the contract anywhere. Create secure workspaces for specific tasks such as a contract workspace and a M&A workspace where all activities such as bidder privacy and content is protected with configurable permissions for each user or team.

Keep it secure

With Annotate, you decide whether you want to hold your documents within our secure cloud service, your own private cloud service or to install Annotate locally on your own servers. No matter which service you choose, sign in using your existing company user credentials.

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