Marketing asset portal

Create a portal for everyone involved in compiling, creating, discussing, reviewing, proof reading and authorising marketing content. Link other documents and external information right into your own documents at the exact point in the document that makes sense. Run the whole process through a simple workflow and once marketing material is authorised share the latest version with everyone in the company so everyone sees the single version of the truth.

Knowledge driven sales

When creating, distilling and understanding how competitors compare to your own product or service, use Annotate to create a full picture by linking in competitive information and documents right inside your own marketing material. With Annotate, you can connect a competitive product sheet and an analyst comparison alongside a description of why your own capability is superior.

One team

Effective marketing may need a diverse and geographically dispersed group of people working together from sales, product management, development and external agencies such as PR agencies, printers and consultants. Instead of relying on email and people working on different versions of the same document, Annotate enables you to allocate tasks and collaborate in a simple and secure environment.

Different workspaces for different projects

Whether you are working on a product launch, press relations or an event, manage the project and team in a dedicated workspace. Create a workspace, share public links with internal and external team members, publish only the latest version of documents, assign tasks, link related information, enable in-context conversations and much more.

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