Quick Start Guide

This guide shows how to upload a PDF to a workspace, annotate it by highlighting, and share with colleages for feedback

Sign up for an account

First sign up for an account - you just need to enter your email address, name, and pick a short 'signature' to sign your notes (e.g. your first name or initials). If you have a google or facebook account, you can also sign in with these.

Create a Workspace

One of the powerful features of Annotate is that you can organise your documents into 'Workspaces' - separate areas for different projects, where you can upload the PDF documents you would like to annotate. To get started, click the 'Create a new workspace' button.

On clicking the 'create new workspace' button, you can choose a name for the workspace - here we've entered 'My quickstart project'. The next screen you'll see is the view of all documents in the workspace:

Click on the 'Sample workspace document' to view it in the preview window on the right - then click on the preview image to open up the document for annotation. If you have your own PDF you'd like to try annotating, use the green upload button on the top left, then select the file. There are also buttons to create folders and share the workspace with other users.

Highlight text to add a comment

Once you have selected a document to annotate, simply highlight some text with the mouse to add a note. The notebox will appear, and you can type your comment. Click 'Save' to add the note.

On saving, the new note will move onto the page; you can move it about by dragging with the mouse. Or click on a note to see extra options to reply, edit or delete it.

Share with a colleague or client

Click 'Share' in the toolbar, and enter the emails of anyone you'd like to discuss the document with. They will be sent a link, and can view the document in their browser. They can add new notes, or select existing notes and 'reply' to start a discussion.


If you've got this far, then you've covered the most important features of Annotate - uploading PDFs, highlighting text to annotate, and sharing documents with other users.

This quick start guide has covered the basic functionality of creating workspaces, uploading pdfs, annotating and sharing.

Annotate.co includes a number of more advanced features for annotation and handling document review workflows: see the pdf annotation features section for more details.