Fair Use Policy

Your use of the service is subject to Annotate.co's 'Fair Use' Policy.

You will be in violation of this policy if within any month your use of the service in terms of bandwidth and new annotations greatly exceeds the average for other users at the same subscription level.

In the event that you are in violation of this policy we will attempt to contact you and reach agreement on a revised pricing plan which will permit you to continue to use the service. However, Annotate.co reserves the right to terminate or suspend your account without prior notice in the event of a policy violation.

If you think your planned use of the service may breach our fair use policy if conducted within one of the existing subscription plans, please contact us in advance to arrange suitable provision for your requirements.

In particular, the Annotate.co technology is suitable for running large-scale public consultations and for crowd-sourcing corrections on books and other materials, but we do not yet have online subscriptions for this kind of use. Instead, please contact us to arrange a dedicated service.